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Retractable Folding Stool

Retractable Folding Stool

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 A moveable and compressible chair, it is made up of several nylon plastic rings of the same caliber connected, and there is a movable lock between the plastic rings. Use our sequential combination of parts and parts to deform the product to save space and relax on your back and knees need a light travel and expandable stool. The stool is constructed from environmental protection polypropylene material for long-lasting life. The unique, structural design thickens the clasps and snaps joints to give the stool remarkable strength and rigidity. The stool is durable, easily stored in your backpack, luggage, or car, and it also is carried out on one shoulder with the adjustable two straps or by hand without any burden. It provides a maximum load capacity of 400 lbs and a non-slip base ensures stability and safety.



You can take this stool wherever you

 It is for the greatest comfort and convenience for your time at home and on the go with a retractable stool. It the Convenient for those with leg and foot inconvenience. The ideal combination of sturdiness and comfortability, the stool is perfect for indoor & outdoor  occasions

More to love

  • Easy to Carry: It is light-weight that is easy to carry along. The stool can be carried easily by hand or over the shoulder thanks to its strap. It also gives more ways to carry. A 9.8-inch diameter base makes sitting more comfortable when hiking outdoors. It can be tied to the strap of your backpack.
  • Strong and stable: Designed Fish scale structure and modified plastic material give the stool remarkable strength and rigidity.  It is a good choice for your body & mind for outdoor traveling and camping.
  • Comfortable sitting position: This practical stool provides a raised seat for older persons with knee and joint problems who find it difficult to sit on the ground. That will not  harm their back & knee 
  • Design with high-quality plastic: This folding stool can withstand heavy loads because it is made from high-quality plastic. It is capable of withstanding a maximum load of 150 kilos without breaking.
  • Capable for kids and adults: There's no need to purchase these items separately for folks of varying heights. Reactable Folding Stool can be adjustable in height (2 -18 in) making it suitable for both adults and children to use easily
  • Portable & lightweight: This stool is only 2.54 pounds with a diameter of 9.84 inches/250mm. Perfect to use for camping, outdoor tours, fishing, hiking, hunting, picnic, and BBQ. Also can be used anywhere you need it.



    Material: ABS plastic 
    Specific Use: Beach Chair, Camping, Hiking, Climbing 
    General Use: Outdoor Furniture 
    Folded: Yes 
    Size: 46*25cm 
    Seat dimensions: 9.84"(25 cm) diameter 
    Strap length: 23.6"(60 cm) 
    Package Includes: 1 x Foldable Chair 
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